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Idaho Liquor Control Act Fund 1935


All Supplier Representatives are required to wear (or be escorted by someone wearing an Identification Badge, while conduction business at any Idaho State Liquor Store or Special Distributor.

Supplier Representatives are required by Rules of the Idaho State Liquor Division 15.10.01, Section 021; to have a Supplier Representative Permit in order to conduct business at any liquor store or distributing station. Permits are required for all Idaho Resident Representatives.

Supplier Representative Permit Information

Idaho Liquor Dispensary Permit 1944

Supplier Representative Permits are issued annually by the Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD). Each product listed by ISLD is required to have in-state Representation either through the use of a direct Sales Representative or Broker. There is a $50.00 annual permit charge payable upon issuance of the permit.

Out of state Supplier Sales Management personnel may obtain a Supplier Representative Permit only as an associate of the Idaho Sales Representative or Broker. If a permit is obtained, an identification badge is required.

Out of state Sales Management personnel are expected to be accompanied by their Idaho Representative or Broker when conducting business in any Idaho State Liquor Store or Special Distributor. Should out of state Supplier Sales Management personnel wish to visit stores unaccompanied by their Idaho Representative, they must first obtain permission from the Deputy Director of Retail Operations.

Permits and badges can be obtained by submitting a Representative Permit Application with a current photo or by a scheduled appointment at the ISLD Central Office.

Information regarding Retail Beer, Retail Wine or Liquor can be found by contacting the Idaho State Police-Alcohol Beverage Control Division.

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