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Serving the Public

Product Listing

Goal of the Listing Process at the Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD)

Product Listing

The ISLD product line is continuously being evaluated to ensure success in serving our patrons. Listing and delisting procedures are used to maintain an optimal product mix for the consumer by bringing new products to market and removing non-performing products. The final decision regarding whether products are listed in; are retained in; or are deleted from the ISLD product line ultimately rests with the Director* based on consumer purchases.

Listing Procedures

Quick List

Idaho Liquor Supplier Representatives may submit new products for consideration to the “Quick List Committee”. Only Idaho Supplier Representatives can submit requests to the Quick List Committee on behalf of Suppliers. These meetings allow for prompt consideration of new products. These meetings are held in January, February, March, May, June, August and September.

The following are required and must be submitted by the 15th of the previous month in which the meeting will be held, in a packet delivered to the ISLD Central Office by the Broker/Rep:

  • 1. The standard price quote form showing FOB Boise case cost with resulting retail price. In addition, a prices quote for the 50 ml size and please include the sleeve count on the quote.

  • 2. A new product listing profile information sheet. This now contains a section with a brief product or taste description for you to provide to the Idaho Consumers. Along with any other sales tools and/or informational brochures needed in order for the listing committee to make a responsible decision.

  • 3. Written withdrawal or exit strategy if product fails to achieve dollar volume benchmarks within 12 months.

  • 4. A high resolution bottle shot should be emailed to

  • Ship the product samples: Both sample bottle and 50ml sleeve to:
    Idaho State Liquor Division “Attention: (MONTH) QUICK LIST”
    1349 E. Beechcraft Court
    Boise, Id  83717-9001
  • 5. A 750 ml size of the product being considered for listing (if this is a new/non­listed product).
  • 6. A sleeve of 50 ml size of the product being considered for listing (if available for sale).

Requests will be considered by the Director’s designee(s) who will then make recommendations to the Director. Product Listing

  1. Products may be recommended for immediate listing.
  2. Products may be held waiting further information.
  3. Products may be denied with no further action taken.
  4. ISLD, at its sole discretion, may reconsider products at any time, even those that were not selected.

Products may be selected as new, regular, limited, special order, introductory, or one-time-only products. If selected via Quick List, it will be allocated to stores based on the ISLD New Product Allocation procedures. Products selected via Quick List must be available for outbound store delivery within 60 days. The Director reserves the right to approve or disapprove any additions to the product line via Quick List process.

Critical Points to Consider When Presenting New Products

Consumer Demands Consisting of:

  1. Consumers or Licensees request.
  2. Consumers or Licensees request for new varieties, packages or sizes of existing products
  3. Suppliers’ demonstration of consumer interest in new products.
  4. Products are well established name brands, with strong consumer product awareness.

Product “Fit” With ISLD Product Line:

  1. The current product line has limited price choices for similar products.
  2. Consumers request for more product alternatives or additional pricing levels.
  3. The category has too few products to meet consumer needs.
  4. The number of products currently offered matches the sales demand of the respective category.

Special Orders

Product Listing

A product can be added to the Special Order product line upon request supported by an identified Retail Consumer or Liquor–by–the drink Licensees.

No “speculative” Special Orders will be considered or allowed.

To be listed as a Special Order product, supplier must provide a Standard Price Quote Form.

The Director reserves the right to approve or disapprove any additions to the Special Order product line.

Holiday Seasonal Gift Products

The Director may bring together a holiday listing Committee in the spring of each year to consider Holiday Gift Sets.

To be given consideration for the holiday listing the following must be provided for each product being presented:

  • 1. Standard price quote form showing FOB Boise case cost with resulting retail price.
  • 2. Color photograph of the product being offered for consideration.

The Holiday Listing Committee will make non­binding recommendations to the Director for products to be offered during the holiday season.

The Director reserves the right to approve or disapprove any additions to the product line via The Holiday Seasonal Gift Products selection process.

  • *IDAPA – New Listings
  • *IDAPA – Delisting