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The Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD) is a division of Idaho State government with the legal responsibility for the importation, distribution and sales of distilled spirits in Idaho. Idaho is one of 17 states and 4 counties in the state of Maryland with the legal authority to control distilled spirits and other alcoholic beverages. Unlike other control jurisdictions, the ISLD does not have a board or commission. ISLD is administered by a Director, appointed by the Idaho Governor.

In Idaho, the administration of regulations and laws concerning retail package and by the drink sales of beer, table wine, dessert wines and by the drink sales of distilled spirits is handled by the Idaho State Police, Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC).

The legal definition of Alcoholic Liquor can be found in Title 23, Chapter 1, Idaho Code. ISLD sells products through its 165 retail sales outlets, 64 State Liquor Stores and 101 outlets are special distributors located in private businesses.

How Products Get Listed With The ISLD

Go to the product listing page to find the information regarding new product submissions and procedures.

Product Pricing

ISLD utilizes a two tier mark-up formula to determine retail price from Supplier FOB Boise costs. The formula has two tiers, one for low proof product and one for higher proof products. Use our pricing calculator.

Inventory Management - Bailment Warehouse

Idaho State Liquor Warehouse

ISLD operates a bailment inventory management system which requires suppliers to maintain inventory at the ISLD Distribution Center, at no cost, until product is distributed to retail stores. A sample Bailment and Trading Partners Agreement can be found on the supplier information page which a signed copy is required to be on file by ISLD.

ISLD summarizes bailment withdrawals twice monthly, on or about the 15th of the month and on the last workday of the month. ISLD posts the withdrawal notices to the broker/supplier web portal. ISLD requires suppliers to generate and submit a matching remittance invoice for payment. Remittance invoices must be emailed to: Idaho Invoices. ISLD makes every effort to pay invoices within 30 days of receipt of remittance invoice. Access to the broker/supplier web portal can be given via your in-state broker representative or contact the ISLD Procurement Department for assistance.

Inventory Management - Order Processing & Delivery

ISLD Distribution Center inventories are maintained in cooperation with suppliers. Suppliers are encouraged to manage their own order and delivery processes to replenish inventories. ISLD warehouse inventory levels can be accessed via the broker/supplier portal. Some suppliers delegate this responsibility to the Idaho Resident Representative. ISLD purchasing staff process a small number of supplier orders. The Distribution Center requires 72 hours advance notice for inbound freight deliveries. To arrange for deliveries contact the Distribution Center office at 208-947-9499.

In-State Sales Representation

ISLD Administrative Code requires that all suppliers have an Idaho based resident representative. A listing of Resident Representatives can be found on the supplier information page. New Product presentations can only be done through Idaho Resident Representatives.

Revised January 2020