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Pallet Standards

Idaho State Liquor Division Pallet Standard

The Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD) uses the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS).

The use of this automated equipment requires that every pallet being delivered to ISLD must comply with the following size standards. These standards will be automatically verified on every pallet entering the AS/RS:

  1. Maximum Pallet Height, including pallet: 72”
  2. Maximum Pallet Weight: 2,800 lbs
  3. Maximum Pallet Width: 46”
  4. Maximum Pallet Length: 54”

All In-bound pallets or slip sheet stored pallets must be stretch wrapped

Products may still arrive on slip sheets. The dimensions of products on slip sheets must comply with the above standards. Products which arrive on slip sheets will be transferred to standard GMA pallets and the total height when transferred must not exceed 72” in height.

GMA 40” x 48” pallets are required. GMA pallets must be Grade A or Grade B.

Non-complying pallets:

    At its option ISLD may elect to do any of the following to bring pallet dimensions into compliance:
  • 1. Refuse to accept delivery until pallets are repackaged and compliant.
  • 2. Require Idaho Sales Representative or Designated Broker to take possession of non-compliant pallets until repackaged and compliant.
  • 3. ISLD may restack or down-size pallets to bring pallets into compliance.

ISLD will charge $50.00 per pallet for any additional material handling that may be required, regardless of the time required. These extra handling charges will be reported and will be credits against remittance invoices.