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Media contact: Nicole Fitzgerald, 208-854-3040,
November 14, 2017

Think Twice Campaign

BOISE, IDAHO – The Idaho Office of Drug Policy, the State Liquor Division and 22 community prevention organizations across Idaho are hoping to use “sticker shock” to stop underage drinking this holiday season.

The youth-led “Sticker Shock” public awareness campaign starts Friday, November 24th in 60 liquor stores throughout Idaho. Its goal is bringing more public attention to the issue of underage drinking and the adults who provide alcohol to minors.

Student volunteers will place eye-catching stickers on the bags that customers use to carry their purchases from liquor stores. The “Think Twice or Pay the Price” stickers stand out on the store bags, and provide a strong reminder: “If You Provide Alcohol to Minors, You Could Face up to $1,000 in Fines & up to one year in Jail.”

“We know that 42.2 percent of Idaho youth who drink underage usually obtain alcohol by someone giving it to them, including through adults 21 and older who can purchase it legally,” said Nicole Fitzgerald, administrator of the Idaho Office of Drug Policy. “We are excited about this campaign and encourage Idaho adults to join us in keeping Idaho kids alcohol-free this holiday season.”

“The Idaho State Liquor Division is proud to support this worthwhile effort that’s of great benefit to the entire Gem State,” Division Administrator Jeff Anderson said. “We know that underage drinking doesn’t start with a drink; it starts with an excuse by adults – the excuses they make when they think it’s harmless to provide beverage alcohol to underage people. ‘We did it when we were young,’ ‘It’s just beer.’ We’ve all heard the excuses. The bottom line is it’s not OK to give alcohol to people under 21.”

The Office of Drug Policy and the State Liquor Division leaders recognize that community influences play a powerful role in the health, safety and well-being of children and families. They hope raising awareness about underage drinking, at the point of liquor sales, will help the message stick.

For additional information, please contact: Nicole Fitzgerald, 304 N. 8th Street, Room 455, 208-854-3040,

July 2017 to be the first-ever Idaho Spirits Month!

Media contact: Ken Wyatt, 208-392-7220,
June 21, 2017

July Idaho Spirits Month

BOISE, IDAHO — The month of July will mark the first-ever “Idaho Spirits Month,” thanks to a proclamation by Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter, which will provide an opportunity for Idaho distilleries to showcase their products and underscore the benefits of craft-distilling to the Idaho state economy.

“We’re very excited about the designation of July as Idaho Spirits Month,” says Ken Wyatt, President of the Idaho Distillers Association and Co-Founder of 44º North Vodka. “This will be an important yearly event that will allow Idaho distilleries to highlight the value of their products to Idaho consumers and to the state economy. Eventually, we hope that Idaho Spirits Month will grow over time to join Idahoans and visitors in the celebration of the diverse bounty that the state has to offer in the realm of spirits as well as restaurants and nightlife.”

Members of the Idaho Distillers Association also will mark the month with tasting room and promotional events in bars and restaurants throughout the state, where consumers can enjoy locally produced products.

Craft-distilling in Idaho is growing but is still relatively small compared to similar activities in neighboring states such as Montana, Washington, and Oregon. However, the activity level in Idaho will grow due to consumer interest in small batch and local spirits production, Wyatt says.

Distilling in Idaho also benefits from the natural resources that the Gem State enjoys from ample, clean water along with access to a variety of grains, potatoes and fruits that can be used to distill spirit products. Like breweries and wineries, distillers are driving job growth and economic benefits such as increased tourism, both nationally and in Idaho.

Celebration of Idaho Spirits Month also will take place at the retail locations of the Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD), which is responsible for the regulation and sale of liquor products in the State of Idaho. The ISLD will be setting up Idaho Spirits Month displays and offering discounts on select local products in their stores, statewide.

Idaho Distillers Association

The Idaho Distillers Association includes the following member companies: 44º North Vodka, 8 Feathers Distillery, Bardenay Distillery Restaurant, Corson Distillers, Distilled Resources, Koenig Distillery, Milltown Artisan Distillery, Up North Distillery, and Warfield Distillery & Brewery.

Please visit Idaho Distillers Association for more information about the Idaho Distillers Association.

See all of the wonderful products produced here in the state of Idaho.

Panel OKs Event-Center Liquor Licenses in Idaho Resort Towns

Sun Valley Resort in Sun Valley, ID Idaho Statesman

By Ryan Struyk
Associated Press April 7, 2015

BOISE, IDAHO — A bill that would give more liquor licenses to conference centers in Idaho resort towns has cleared a Senate panel.

The Senate State Affairs Committee narrowly voted 5-3 on Tuesday to endorse the plan, which is backed by a central Idaho-based event center hoping to draw more people.

Resort cities often have a limited number of liquor licenses available because licenses in Idaho are granted based on the number of permanent residents in a town.

Kate Haas, who represents the Ketchum-based event center, said the goal is to attract people to resort towns in larger groups than one family or tourist at a time. "When it's just your year-round residents there, a lot of them really struggle during that season to fill those hotel rooms and fill those restaurants," she said.

The plan allows only one additional liquor license per resort town. It also doesn't let a conference or event center sell or transfer its license to another business.

But the bill garnered opposition from the two highest ranking members of the chamber, Republican Sens. Brent Hill and Bart Davis, who say the bill has technical problems.

"Words matter," Davis said. "When I look at the language, it doesn't say what you say it says."

Hill also raised concerns about making sure the bill had enough limitations — alluding to the Legislature's effort to repeal slot-like instant horse racing machines that didn't match many lawmakers' expectations.

Republican Rep. Steven Miller from Fairfield, who is sponsoring the bill, said he hopes the bill will generate business in the resort towns during the offseason.

The bill has already passed the House 40-28. It now goes to the full Senate.

New Bill Allows On-site Sampling at Idaho Distilleries

March 27, 2014

BOISE, IDAHO — Idahoans now have the opportunity to sample distilled spirits at Idaho distilleries under new legislation signed on March 26, 2014 by Governor Butch Otter.

Senate Bill 1335 passed through the Idaho legislature on March 13 and went into effect July 1, 2014. This bill allows distilleries in Idaho to provide samples of their products at their manufacturing facilities with specific rules for sampling size ant tasting frequency. There will be no charge for these samples.

8 Feathers Distillery Sampling Bill

Increased revenue for the state and agriculture suppliers as well as increased employment opportunities for Idaho citizens were cited among the positive outcomes of allowing tasting during distillery tours. Previously, visitors to Idaho distilleries could only view the distilling process.

"This is a great opportunity for the distilleries in Idaho," said Marje Lowe, one of the founders of 8 Feathers Distillery in Boise. She along with business partner, Sandee Price, lobbied on behalf of the distilleries in this state to help get this bill passed. "We see our distillery as a destination. Now when people come to our distillery for a tour, they can try our product and make an informed purchase decision." Lowe said.

The bill met very little resistance on either side of the legislature – passing the Senate with a vote of 19–5–1 and the House of Representatives with a vote of 58–9–3. The bill was introduced by Senator Chuck Winder (R–Boise) and was carried on the House side by Representative Gayle Batt (R–Wilder).

The distillery movement is on the rise across the country and Idaho is no different. There are currently 8 distilleries in Idaho and 3 more have expressed their intent to open in the next year.

About 8 Feathers Distillery

Founded in 2013, 8 Feathers Distillery LLC is located in Boise and produces premium, small batch whiskeys made from the purest water and the finest grains locally sourced in Idaho.

Sandee Price
8 Feathers Distillery
S1335 Press Release
8 Feathers Distillery